We offer a variety of bike fitting services to match your requirements. You can view availability and schedule an appointment through our online booking form.

Basic Fit


Our Basic fit is as it sounds - a quick check of you position on the bike making sure that everything looks about right. This is recommended for leisure cyclists who cycle for less than an hour at a time.

  • Seat height

  • Handlebar position

  • Video analysis

Advanced Fit


Our most popular fit is the Advanced Fit. If you cycle (or plan to cycle) more than an hour at a time then this is the one for you. Our protocol for our advanced fit is what makes us different to some of the other bike fit options out there. We work on the basis that humans are not all the same. The aim is to get you into a position on your bike that is natural and within your personal abilities. It’s a goal that is both simple and hugely complex.

The advanced bike fit process:

  • A pre-fit questionnaire and a discussion about your cycling goals. 

  • An in-depth assessment of your bodies flexibility, functionality and alignment. 

  • A evaluation of your current bicycle set-up

  • Adjust your bike and equipment to suit you

To find out more about our fitting methodology come speak to our fitter.

Triathlon / Time Trial Aero Fit

Our Time-trial / Triathlon fit follows the same principles as our advanced fit but incorporates the set up of aero extensions and the optimization of aerodynamics by assessing frontal area with our virtual wind tunnel.

Virtual Wind Tunnel


We have our very own indoor virtual wind tunnel. Allowing us to measure riders frontal area and test changes to your posture in order to find the most aerodynamic position. Combining this with our bike fit expertise we are able to find a position that balances sustainability and aerodynamics

We offer per hour use of the Virtual Wind tunnel at £60/hour or an Aero Fit combing a Advanced fit session with frontal area testing for £150.