Our Basic fit is as it sounds - a quick check of you position on the bike making sure that everything looks about right.

We suggest this fit for anyone who cycles for less than an hour.

Commuters ✓

Recreational ✓

Beginners ✓

The basic fit involves:

  • Seat height

  • Handlebar position

  • Video analysis



Our protocol for our advanced fit is what makes us different to some of the other bike fit options out there. We work on the basis that humans are not all the same. The aim is to get you into a position on your bike that is natural and within your personal abilities.

Perfect for if you ride for over an hour at a time

Club riders ✓

Sportive / Gran Fondos ✓

Charity Rides ✓

Cycle touring ✓

Cyclocross / Gravel ✓

The advanced bike fit includes:

  • A pre-fit questionnaire and a discussion about your cycling goals. 

  • Assessment of your bodies flexibility, functionality and alignment. 

  • An evaluation of your current bicycle set-up

  • Adjust your bike and equipment to suit you

  • Functional testing protocols for real-world results



Our Time-trial / Triathlon fit follows the same principles as our advanced fit but incorporates the set up of aero extensions and the optimization of aerodynamics by assessing frontal area with our virtual wind tunnel.

For when performance counts this is the fit to choose.

Triathletes ✓

Time Trial ✓

Competitive Road ✓

Ultra-Distance ✓

The Aero fit includes:

  • Pre-fit questionnaire and a discussion about your cycling goals. 

  • An in-depth assessment of your bodies flexibility, functionality and alignment.

  • An evaluation of your current bicycle set-up

  • Adjust your bike and equipment to balance a sustainable posture whilst optimizing aerodynamic gains

  • Bio-racer Frontal Area Optimization



What to Bring

Please bring your bike, shoes and cycling kit suitable for indoor cycling, there is an area for changing.

Although we have multiple fans, you will get warm quickly when pedaling on a turbo trainer. We suggest summer clothing be worn for the bike fit session.

Please ensure your cleats are clean and the bolts are easily accessible and your seat post is not seized into your frame.

Time trial riders and triathletes booking in for the Aero Fit will benefit from bringing their aero helmets.


Our Fit Expert

Jon has a wealth of experience fitting people to their bikes. As well as being obsessed with cycling bio-mechanics, he’s also raced mountain bikes, triathlons, time-trials and has cycled across America twice. East to West and North to South.

He has a bachelors degree in Sport & Exercise Science and has trained with BIKEFIT, Retul, Body Geometry and Torke bicycle fit schools.

Jon believes in knowledge-based bike fitting instead of simply applying formulas and continues to learn from the worlds best. The methods used enable accuracy of fitting within ±1.5 mm for saddle height and ±3mm for seat fore/aft, which leads to much greater positional optimization. To put that in perspective, most commercial bike fitting systems can be as much as 40mm out!

He is proudly a certified fitter with the International Bike Fitting Institute.


Additional Services

Online / New Bike Sizing ( Hourly*)

Maybe you’re looking for a new bike, or looking to buy a bike online. It’s difficult to figure out what size you are and sometimes you’re not sure if the retailer is giving you the best advice or really understands your unique requirements. With our dynamic fitting jig we can help you choose your new bike.

Positional Experimenting ( Hourly*)

For the curious, you’re happy with your bike fit but you just want to try something different. Perhaps you are buying a power-meter and want to try a few crank lengths? Or you’re keen to try narrower bars. Using the adjustable equipment in our fit lab we can show you the differences. For testing different saddles please see the separate page detailing our Saddle Wall.

Additional Bikes

More than one bike? We can make all your bikes feel awesome.

Although you can copy across the dimensions between bikes, we find that in reality it never quite works out that well. There are too many variables that can change. If you want each bike to feel awesome, it’s best to have each bike adjusted to the unique requirements.

Your gravel bike, cyclocross bike and your road bike won’t have the same set-up.

Please contact us if you’d like to have multiple bikes fitted during one session.

If you’ve already had a bike fit with us you can schedule in an additional bike here.


Cleat Positioning

Unfortunately we cannot set up cleats without performing a bike fit. However if you have already had a bike fit and just want the positioning / set up matching across to a new set then we’ll happily do that.

Annual Position “Tune Up”

Has your strength, flexibility, body mass or cycling goals changed? We’d suggest visiting us for a re-fit if any of those variables have been altered. Generally we find people re-visiting the studio on a yearly basis however if you have a drastic change in lifestyle it maybe worth coming in sooner. The biggest one perhaps being retirement and an increase in time for cycling!

We offer a discounted rate for those who have already had a bike fit with us.

*Give us a call or email us if you’d like to discuss what you’d like to achieve and we can give you a better idea of price.




Client Feedback

“After several ‘fits’ over the last few years I believe 73 Degrees are without doubt the best fit I’ve ever had. Jon’s expertise and knowledge is very obvious from as soon as you meet him.”

“I had a bike fit with Jon in preparation for my first half ironman. Through the whole session, I learned a lot about my old position and why Jon was making suggestions to adapt it. Overall i am really impressed. My position on the bike feel so much more comfortable. I understand some mistakes I was making. Jon clearly knows his stuff and is passionate about all things biomechanics.”

“I had a bike fit on my Wattbike Atom by the lovely people at 73° and the difference is amazing. It’s now exactly like my road bike, more comfy, easier to ride and feels great!”


“Had a TT bike fit with Jon. Very knowledge, thorough and professional. He managed to sort a great fit for my freakish body issues; Instant power improvements. Many thanks and highly recommended.”

“I booked a bike fit through the website (a real simple process). The fit was really comprehensive, using some clever technology but also Jon’s vast knowledge and experience. I was suffering with knee pain during longer rides, the difference the fit has had is dramatic. The whole thing (about 2 1/2 hours) was actually really interesting and enjoyable.”

“They spent several hours in total looking at my position, trying out their wide selection of kit they have on hand, performing a aerodynamic analysis.  The results....a 2nd place overall in DB Max TT today at Castle Combe.  Beating people who had beaten me last month, prior to having the bike fit.  People noticed how smooth I looked and I really felt like I was in the RIGHT position. “