Q: When can you fix my bike?

A: We operate our workshop servicing on an appointment basis. You can call or email us to arrange an appointment. In the Spring and Summer all bikes shops have a long waiting list. These can sometimes be as long as four weeks. We aim to keep as many people cycling and keep our waiting times down. The best thing you can do is bring your bike in during the winter and plan ahead. If you have an event coming up be sure to book a service at least a month ahead of time.

Q: How much will it cost to fix?

A: We hate the idea of shocking a customer with an unexpectedly large servicing bill. We try to give a accurate quote when you drop your bike off for servicing but out mechanics will also phone you when they’ve got your bike in their stand if the notice anything that may cost more than expected.

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yes! We have bicycle parking inside the store so there’s no need to bring a lock when you come for your latte. There is car parking surrounding our shop. Ashton Way (BS31 2UF) is just behind the shop, alternatively use the Civic centre car park directly in front of the shop (BS31 1LA ).

Q: What shall I bring to a bike fit?

A: Everything you’d normally cycle in. You will need to be wearing tight fitting clothing to allow our fitter to see how your body interacts with your bike.

If you have new cleats, multiple pairs of shoes or different length stems bring those along too.