Lifetime Support

We stand behind the bikes we sell. So we offer support for as long as you own your bike.


Pre-delivery Inspection

Every bike in our showroom is built by a highly skilled mechanic. When you purchase a bike from us our mechanics will install any accessories or customisation’s and go over the bike to make sure everything is perfectly adjusted.


6 Week Service

New bikes have fresh components which take a little time to “bed in”. Cables stretch, spokes settle etc. Once these adjustments have been made the bike should perform perfectly until the first annual service.

It is so vital that missing this first service often voids the manufacturers warranty.

That’s why we offer a complimentary 6 week service with every bike we sell.


Lifetime Brake and Gear adjustments

We see it all the time. Someone has tried to adjust there gears at home but they don’t quite understand the workings of the derailleurs. This either leads to a poor ride or worse - component damage. So we take away the need to tinker - and offer to adjust* brakes and gears of all bikes purchased from us for as long as you own the bike.

*adjust not clean or repair.