No Compromise

As cyclists ourselves we know that when we’re buying a bike we want it to perfect from day one. We don’t want to buy different parts immediately , have to take the existing parts off and have them kicking around the garage for eternity. We are happy to swap out and upgrade parts to make the bike perfect for you.



Swap out the cassette and rear derailleur to dial in your gearing to suit your needs. If you’re riding primarily flatter terrain a closer ratio means you have closer options. Close ratios are particularly favored by racing cyclists and those who prefer a slower cadence.

Swap out to a wider ratio if you intend to climb big mountain climbs, you’re cycle touring with extra weight on the bike or just prefer to spin your legs at a higher cadence naturally.

Contact points

It’s all about the fit. If you already know what you need we can make the adjustments before you pick up the bike. If not, it’s recommended that you book in for a bike fit. All contact points swapped out are either replaced like for like or credited towards the replacement if there is a difference in value.



Wheel upgrades

Wheels! The biggest difference you can make to a bikes performance is the wheels! The wheels keep turning every second your cycling so any performance gains are felt continuously. Unlike upgraded gearing - which you only notice when you change gear.

Wheel upgrades can range from hand-built wheels for increased durability and strength, lighter weight wheels for better climbing and acceleration or more aerodynamic wheels for increased speed.