Welcome to the 73D end of year newsletter. Hopefully you will be enjoying a few days away from work & enjoying these dry winter roads - bonus!
This is the first newsletter we have written, and we hope to give you a bit of a round-up of 2018 and a brief insight into our plans for 2019.

2018 was our second year in Keynsham and we the shop has started to mature & it is starting to look like my vision of how a bike shop should be, crammed with interesting / cool bike stuff, with an informal, friendly 'non-elitist' atmosphere, with the whiff of freshly ground coffee gently circulating. We still have work to complete in the rear room, with the flooring and layout still to be re-worked and finalized - this will be the priority for the early season, along with our new fancy, bells and whistles till system.

2018 saw us welcome Jon to the team. Jon is our bike fit guru. He fitted our employee ethic of 'relaxed, knowledgeable & professional' and settled in immediately. His bike fits have gained some incredible reviews and feedback and he is proving to be one of the best fitters in the area and a real asset to the shop. His bike fit credentials are second to none. With his vast experience Jon is a member of the International Bike-fit Institute, an organisation dedicated to raising the standard of bike fitting through accreditation and mentoring programs . From saddle speed dating to custom insoles, if you think you may need to chat about your bike fit come and have a chat to Jon.
He is also the shop expert on bike packing - if you need to know about travelling on a bike speak to him.

We also took on Joe Griffith's as our part time employee, Joe finished top 5 in the British Cycling National MTB points standing, and also took part in a World Cup round in France -  Joe rides for the Torq team and has a great understanding of sports nutrition and training and also considers himself head barista! With his goal still to be a full time rider, Joe will be working in the shop around his tough training / racing schedule.

Congratulations went to Brad who has now passed his Cytech level 2 course. After nearly 2 years at 73Degrees, Brad has now decided to move to pastures new. So from myself, and all the team at 73D we wish him well in his new job.

The shop gained the prestigious ‘Campagnolo Pro Shop’ award ( one of only a handful in the UK) which was a personal target of mine, as some of you may know I am a bit of a fan of the Italian manufacturer!

For 2019 we have already installed the Bio Racer Green screen, which is an amazing piece of software that compliments the investment we have made in bike fit, saddle fit and now with the 'green screen' can offer aero fits, for those looking for that competitive edge & an easy power saving. Details can be found on our bike fit page.

We will be running more courses and events in 2019 and using the courtyard more in the summer to cater for these.  (There is even a rumour of a gin bar being opened within the courtyard - so watch this space!!!!)
The date for our annual demo day at Odd Down will be announced soon, so you have the opportunity to ride all the bikes from our suppliers on the amazing Odd down cycle track - and unlike others, ours is free!

We have quietly been starting to offer Cinelli bike and frames. Cinelli is our 'party brand with their vibrant paint schemes and long tradition of quality frames. We can offer custom builds from as little as £1000.

Next season’s (2019) bikes are starting to arrive, and Felt have got some amazing gravel bikes due out in the spring, which we are quite excited about ( google ‘Felt Bread 30’) if you want a sneak peak. A majority of our new bikes will be disc brake and wider tyre- is it the end of the caliper brake and 23mm tyres……???????

We also launched our new website a couple of months ago & If you haven't checked it out please do so ( you are now on it! ), any feedback is welcome, we still have some finishing touches to do but think it looks much cleaner and easier to navigate than the original.

So to wrap up the first newsletter I would like to wish you a happy New Year, from all the team at 73Degrees, and also take the opportunity to thank you for your support last year and hopefully for this coming year. Jim, Jon, Bradley, George and Joe. Happy riding!!

Jon - somewhere cold.

Jon - somewhere cold.

Joe, flat out and probably winning.

Joe, flat out and probably winning.